Please read these Competition Rules, along with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy (“Policies”), before entering, as your entering and/or voting in any competition, or use of any website hosting our competition (“Website”), will constitute your automatic acceptance of the Rules and Policies, and some terminology or obligations may be explained in one or more of these.

This competition is only open to South African residents, however, anyone can place votes.

Competitions run monthly from the 1st to the last day of the month.

In order to enter your child, he or she must be between 0 and 7 years old.

Winners are required to verify their identity and age before receiving any prize.

Cash prizes will be paid into a South African bank only.

All photos have to be approved by us before being displayed on our website. We can reject any photo or photos at our sole discretion.

We do not allow photos which contain identifying information (such as names, schools, etc). These photos will automatically be deleted.

We do not allow photos containing nudity in any form. These photos will automatically be deleted.

Entry into the competition is done through the website exclusively. Voting is via premium SMS, SnapScan, Free Vote and Credit Card.

Entry into the competition is free. Votes are charged for as per the price schedule on the entry pages. No free SMS as part of existing carrier bundles can be used to enter or vote. Errors will be billed.

Entrants and voters acknowledge that the costs of voting are charged by independent third-party service providers and not by the Promoter.
Accordingly, no voter shall be entitled to any refund of any kind for any cause whatsoever. Entrants and voters hereby indemnify the Promoter against all and any claims for refunds and/or claims for special and general damages associated with costs incurred for participating as entrants or voters in any Competition.

The winners are the three entries with the most votes received.

The winners will be announced via our website and social media pages within one week of the close of the competition.

Winners will be contacted by email and/or telephone. Please ensure that your contact details are correct.

Failure to adhere to these rules in any way could result in disqualification from the competition and for prizes to be re-awarded if deemed necessary.

The competition and the functioning of this website are governed by the laws of South Africa only, where should certain features of same laws not be specifically stated herein, they are nevertheless applicable.

Fraudenly voting or attempts at voting fraudulently will result in the entry being disqualified.

You may not vote on behalf of anyone else, or under anyone else's profile.

You may not have multiple profiles for free voting.