Adam & Aden are our 4 month old miracle twins after 10 years of marriage. After 9 years of tears and lots of prayers we fell pregnant however that baby only survived 8 weeks, sadly we had a miscarriage. Less than a year later hubby and I decided to try again. In August 2021 we fell very ill with covid and in order for both of us to return to work we needed to take a test to prove that we were in the clear. On the 10th August 2021 we took two tests, the one was a covid test which was negative and the other a pregnancy test which to our surprise was POSITIVE😊 We couldn’t believe it, it was so surreal. Our first scan we saw one baby (Adam) with a strong heartbeat. Our second scan again one baby. However on our third scan even doctor couldn’t understand how he hadn’t seen our little Aden on previous scans, two babies with two very strong heartbeats. Dr appeared to be more shocked than mommy and daddy😁 Hubby was jumping for joy, while I was in utter shock still. Our boys are identical twins born 1 minute apart at 30 weeks due to preeclampsia. They spent over 5 weeks in Neonatal ICU before they could come home. We were home for about a week and a half and our boys were back in ICU with RSV on ventilators. After much prayer and supplication the twins made full recoveries and was discharged from hospital on my birthday. Since then the boys are happy and healthy and have been keeping daddy and I on our toes. Adam loves music and having long conversations and Aden enjoys watching television and is very territorial. We just love our rainbow babies🌈

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