Aiden is really such a Cute Baby Boy, well basically he just turned 1 month old he just loves eating although he's not a chubby Baby one thing about him that i love he's so peaceful so basically it's easy for us to know if there's something wrong with him or sick right from the moment he start refusing to eat Because wow he's a small cute pig he even moment he opens his eyes he wants to eat and he loves his milk warm if it's cold he just push it away with his tiny tongue, Well to be around him changes everything he's so peaceful although he eats too much well he came a healthy Baby his skin was that of adults and yes it's our first time raising a baby but Aiden hasn't made that be difficult He just made sure that he's not difficult to deal with he's 1 month old but it feels like we've been with him for a year yeah that's crazy but it's amazing raising him up in a friendly environment plus with our support and his everything just be perfect

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