Simesihle is a five year old adorable little girl, what sets her apart from the rest of the kids her age is her bubbly personality and her fighting spirit… when I was pregnant I had a lot of complications and that’s why we named her Simesihle when she finally came… the name Simesihle means “she came in a good condition” and we chose it because we never thought she would ever survive… Throughout the years she has grown to love cats and she has brought 3 home so far and she takes care of them as though they are her real siblings or babies rather… I love how she feeds them and go to bed with them. We named the first two and she gave the last one the cutest name “namiey “ which is initially the name of the teddy bear he’d dad got her when she turned one… she sings…. Laugh and dance brings joy amongst everyone at home.

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