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Tips to Help you Win Cute Baby Competitions

Entering the Cute Baby Competition on KidPic is quick and easy, but how can you improve your chances of winning?

The two most important steps to success:

1) Take a fantastic photo of your cute baby (and submit it).
2) Ask as many people as you can to vote for your baby photo.
You can enter the KidPic competition for free and winning is that simple! 
So, let’s go into more details about the steps you can take to improve your chances of winning cute baby competitions.

1) Taking a fantastic photo of your cute baby

In order to win a cute baby competition, you need a super cute photo of your bundle of joy. So, you need to take a wonderful photograph that shows your cutie off in the best light. Here are some things you can do to improve your cute baby photos for competitions.
Top tips for taking better photos of your baby:
  • Get your baby to smile or interact with you when you are taking your photos. Photos that capture the unique personality of your baby are way more charming and more likely to win votes.
  • Zoom in on your cutie and focus before snapping away. Do not include too much background or submit blurry photo entries.
  • For competitions, try to get your baby to look at the camera or in your direction at least. Often, photos with babies looking straight at the camera place better in competitions.
  • Pick a pleasant place to take your photos. This helps your baby to relax and feel comfortable. Plus, the background surroundings will affect your photo. So try to find a lovely setting. Also, avoid backgrounds that are too busy and distracting.
  • Take photos at the best times of the day - when your baby is awake and happy. If you want to take photos of your baby while he or she is sleeping, rather take them during the day when your baby is napping. That said, photos of awake babies win baby competitions more often. 
  • Ensure that your baby is clean and well dressed. Unless you are taking a fun foodie or outdoor shot where your baby is intentionally dirty, ensure that cutie-pie is clean. You can have some fun and put in a little extra effort here! Putting a cute hat or bow on your baby’s head can make your cutie even cuter (if that’s even possible)! Similarly, an adorable outfit can do wonders and really increase your chances of winning first prize.
Cute baby
  • Edit your photos before submitting them. This is a top tip for parents with smartphones or access to a computer. If you don’t have photo editing software (like Photoshop) you can get amazing results using Instagram or the camera app on your smartphone. You can easily improve the lighting and colours of your pics or crop them. You may even want to experiment with adding a subtle filter to enhance the mood and atmosphere of your picture. Careful not to overdo it, though! You still want your photo to look natural and authentic.
Now that we’ve covered some DOs, here are a few of the DONT’S.
Things to avoid when taking baby photos for competitions:
  1. Don’t take your photographs at night or in a poorly lit room.
  2. Don’t push on with your photoshoot if your baby is crying and screaming. A pic of your cute little one looking miserable is unlikely to steal hearts and rake in votes. Rather wait for a time when your baby is looking good - delighted, peaceful, curious, amazed and so on.
  3. Don’t have other people in the background. This detracts attention from the star of the photo, your winning baby.
  4. Be careful when taking photos at weird angles. Especially when taking photos from below you can inadvertently give your baby a quadruple chin or focus attention up their nostrils.
  5. Don’t take photos while your baby is moving around a lot if your shots are coming out blurry. The more in focus, the better.

2) Asking people to vote for your baby photo

Once you have successfully submitted your photo entry, it is time to share it far and wide.
Share the link to the KidPic website or your specific entry page with friends, family and people you know. And ask them to vote for your cute baby photo (because your baby is the cutest, right?).
Remember, you can share your baby photo entry on Facebook and your other social media channels, via email, WhatsApp or SMS. 
Entering the KidPic Baby Competition is fun, easy and FREE! 
So, what are you waiting for? Get snapping and share the cuteness!
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